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United States Judo Federation

Contest Rules

Referee Education

Module 5: Overview

Module 5 provides additional examples of Ippon, Wazari, non-scoring landings and less common penalities and their gestures, including direct Hansoku Make.


Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of Module 5, you will be able to;
  • Differentiate opponents counter attack and push down examples
  • Examine and distinguish grip below belt at end phase of throws and Kaeshi waza
  • Analyze and assess Shido for an Illegal move
  • Examine and assess Hansoku-make for dangerous techniques.

Module 5B: Scoring

  • Nage waza Scoring
    • Counter roll to back examples
    • Grip below belt at end phase of throw examples
    • Kaeshi waza examples

Module 5C: Penalties

  • Shido (Slight Penalty) Shido for an Illegal Move
    • Hooking one leg between the opponent’s legs
    • Take the judogi in the mouth
    • Put a foot or a leg in the opponent’s belt, collar or lapel.
    • To kick with the knee or foot, the hand or arm of the opponent
    • Both of the contestants are in a tachi-shisei (standing position) and one or both apply kansetsu-waza or shime-waza
    • No score and shido for reverse seoi-nage
  • Hansoku Make (Grave Penalty)
    • Hansoku-make for Acts against the Spirit of Judo (cannot continue)
    • To apply kawazu-gake
    • To apply kansetsu-waza anywhere other than to the elbow joint
    • To fall directly to the tatami while applying or attempting to apply techniques such as Ude-Hishigi-Waki-Gatame
    • To reap the opponents supporting leg from the inside
    • To make any action this may endanger or injure the opponent
    • To intentionally fall backwards when the other contestant is clinging to his back
    • To lift the opponent off the tatami and forcefully push him back onto the tatami without a judo technique.
    • To disregard the referee’s instructions
    • To wear a hard or metallic object