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United States Judo Federation

Contest Rules

Referee Education

Module 3: Overview

Module 3 provides more examples of Ippon, Wazari, non-scoring throws, landings and less common penalties and their gestures.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of Module 3, you will be able to;
  • Differentiate marginal landing examples of Scoring – Ippon and Wazari
  • Distinguish score and no score landings
  • Examine and distinguish penalty for lack of combativity
  • Distinguish illegal moves in kumi-kata

Module 3: Scoring

  • Nage waza Scoring
    • Ippon or Wazari -Marginal landing examples
    • Score or No Score – Continuation examples

Module 3: Penalties

  • Shido (Slight Penalty)
  • Shido for an Illegal Move