National Coach Certification


On behalf of the United States Judo Federation, I would like to congratulate you on your participation in the United States Judo Federation Judo National Coach Certification program.  The USJF has approved this National certificated program as a means to develop the coaching effectiveness of the grassroots instructor up through to the Olympic/World level coach.

USJF National Coach Certification Course

The USJF National Coach Certification Course is presented in five modules.

After successful completion of the course you will have an opportunity to download a temporary completion certificate.  The certificate does not certify you as a coach, but an acknowledgement that you have participated in the course.

A personal advisor (Master Instructor) will be assigned to you.  They will review your submissions of all required documents and assist you in successful completion of the course.  Upon meeting all your requirements,  a Certificate of Achievement will be issued.

You will only have 30 days to complete the process.  If you miss the completion date, you will be required to re-register and pay the appropriate fees.


At the conclusion of this course you will able to;

  1. Summarize what is USJF coaching
  2. Explain your coaching philosophy.
  3. Demonstrate elements of positive coaching.
  4. Illustrate principles of resistance training and physical condition
  5. Describe elements important when communicating with your athlete.
  6. Restate Risk Management strategies

You must score about 90% to pass the quiz.  The quizzes can be taken multiple times to achieve success.

Your certification is valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Start your National Coach Certification

USJF National Coach Re-Certification 

By re-certifying your USJF Coach Certification you automatically attain the USJF Elite National Coach designation. Your commitment to excellence in coaching is valid for 2 years.

USA Judo Certified Coaches can renew their certifications here.


    Minimum age and rank requirement: 16 yrs and older – Brown  (3rd Degree Brown Belt)

    Levels of Certification:

    USJF National Coach  Certification: Individuals with NO previous coach certifications from USJF, USJA, USA Judo

    USJF Elite Coach Certification: National certified coaches who are re-certifying or individuals with previous Coach certifications from USJF, USA Judo and USJA.


      • Certification Fee: $100.00
      • Re-Certification Fee: $75.00

    Additional Requirements

    Thank you for becoming a Judo Professional

    Mitchell Palacio, USJF President


    National Coach Certification Course