Shido and Hansoku-make

Shido (Slight Penalty) and Hansoku Make (Grave Penalty) Overview

Penalties come in two types; Shido, which is a slight infringement of the rules and Hansoku make, which is a grave infringement of the rules.

A shido penalty can be given for a lack of combativity, an illegal move, a hair or gi infringement.  A contestant is allowed two shidos throughout regulation time and the golden score.  If they receive a third shido, the third shido becomes a cumulative penalty hansoku make and the contestant loses the match on penalties.

A direct Hansoku-make penalty is given for dangerous techniques or actions against the sprit of Judo. 

  • – If a contestant is given a direct Hansoku-make for executing a dangerous technique, they loses that match, but may continue in the competition. 
  • – If a contestant is given a direct Hansoku-make for an act against the spirit of Judo, they loses that match and is expelled from the competition. 

In Modules 2 through 5, Shido and Hansoku-make penalties will be discussed detail and are organized from most common situations to most rare situations.