Improve Your Judo through Distance Learning


United States Judo Federation

Nage-no-Kata Certification

Nage-no-Kata “forms of throwing” is one of the two randori-no-kata, free practice forms of  Kodokan Judo. It is intended as an illustration of the various concepts  of nage-waza (throwing techniques) that exist in judo, and is used both as a training method and as a demonstration of understanding.

Our USJF Kata Committee has developed a “Distance Learning” certification program for Nage-no-Kata.  This online course can fullfill the Nage-no-Kata requirement for Shodan.  Check with your local Yudanshakai for more details.

The Nage-no-Kata course is presented in five modules.  The 1st set: Te-waza, 2nd set: Koshi-waza, 3rd set: Ashi-waza, 4th set: Ma-sutemi-waza and the 5th set: Yoko-sutemi-waza.  After each module a quiz is presented.  The passing score is 90%.  You have the ability to retake the test

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to;

  • Recognize and demonstrate the Aisatsu (Salutation)
  • Identify the five classifications of Judo throws
  • Distinguish and formulate the key elements in Te-waza (hand techniques), Koshi-waza (hip techniques), Ashi-waza (foot techniques), Ma-sutemi-waza (rear sacrifice techniques) and Yoko-sutemi-waza (side sacrifice techniques)