Ashi-waza (Foot Techniques)

Okuri-ashi-harai (Sliding Foot Sweep)

Tori and Uke step forward each other to a distance of about 30cm (about 1 shaku ) and both stand in Shizen-hontai (Photo 1).

Movement 1: Uke attempts to grasp Tori in the right grip keeping Shizenhontai. Responding to Uke , Tori grasp Uke in the right grip keeping Shizenhontai (Photo 2), takes one step toward his right side by Tsugi-ashi with his right foot first and then his left foot while controlling Uke to move leftward.  Responding to Tori ’s moves, Uke takes one step together with Tori toward his left side by Tsugi-ashi with his left foot first and then right foot (Photos 3-①② ).

Movement 2: After Tori makes the force of moves stronger while controlling as pushing up Uke again to his right side, both Tori and Uke take one step sideward by Tsugi-ashi.

Movement 3: Tori takes one wide stride to his right side with his right foot while pushing Uke ’s body diagonally upward to the left as drawing a bottom curve of boat with both of his hands (Photo 4). Tori turns up his left sole while concentrating strength in the little toe side of his left foot, sweeps below Uke ’s right ankle with the sole of his left foot (Photos 5- ① ② ) and throw Uke as following after the direction of Uke ’s moves (Photos 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Tori stands keeping the position on the left side toward Shomen and Uke rises to stand on the right side toward Shomen facing Tori . Then, both Tori and Uke grasp in the left grip keeping Shizen-hontai to perform right “Okuriashi- harai ” in the same manner as before.

Kodokan Nage-no-Kata  Textbook