Ma-sutemi-waza (Rear Sacrifice Techniques)

Tomoe-nage (Circle throw)

Tori and Uke step forward each other to a distance of about 60cm (Photo 1).

Movement 1: While stepping forward with his right foot, Uke attempts to grasp Tori in Migi-shizen-tai . Responding to Uke , Tori grasps Uke in Migi-shizen-tai while stepping with his right foot (Photo 2). Tori seizes this opportunity and pushes Uke to attempt to break the balance straight backward while taking three steps forward rather quickly with his right foot first, left foot and then right foot. Following Tori ’s push, Uke resists Tori ’s push and attempts to push back after retreating with his left foot first, right foot and then left foot so as to try to protect his stability (Photos 3, 4).

Movement 2: At the moment Uke pushes back, Tori moves his left foot forward toward the inner side of Uke ’s right foot and grasps Uke ’s right front lapel inserting his left hand from below Uke ’s armpit (Photo 5). Tori breaks Uke ’s balance straight forward using both of his hands effectively at the moment Uke moves his left foot forward and both feet align (Photos 6- ①② ).

Movement 3: Tori bends his right knee sufficiently and lightly puts the top of his right foot, while bending it back, on Uke ’s abdomen (Photo 7). At the same time Tori puts his hips down on the Tatami near to his left heel, he throws Uke overhead by stretching his right knee and pulling as drawing an arc with both of his hands (Photos 8, 9, 10, 11).

Tori rises to stand on the right side toward Shomen and Uke stands on the left side toward Shomen facing Tori in the proper distance. Then, both Tori and Uke grasp in Hidari-shizen-tai to perform left “Tomoe-nage ” in the same manner as before.


Kodokan Nage-no-Kata  Textbook