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Professor of Kinesiology
Author: Teacher/Coach Certification

Haywward Nishioka

Professor of Kinesiology
Contributor-Producer: Teacher/Coach Certification

Mitchell Palacio

Secondary Education Teacher
Chair: Teacher Certification
Master Instructor: Teacher Certification

Jennifer Badertscher

Elementary Education Teacher
Master Instructor: Teacher/Coach Certification

Krista Tsutsui Steele

Welcome to the USJF Education Portal

I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you on the USJF Education Portal.

In this digital era, the capability to connect and acquire knowledge online has become an invaluable asset.

Enrolling in a certification course showcases a firm dedication to the core values of respect, integrity, discipline, and continuous improvement, which are the defining principles of the United States Judo Federation.

While the virtual platform may physically separate us, it provides an avenue to bridge distances and exchange knowledge in a way that was once unimaginable.

While navigating our educational programs, keep in mind that the essence of judo goes beyond the confines of the dojo. It revolves around mutual respect, self-discipline, and the perpetual pursuit of personal and collective betterment. As a judo teacher, your role transcends merely imparting techniques; it involves instilling these fundamental values in your students.

May these online certification courses lay the groundwork for your progression towards becoming a skilled and inspirational judo instructor.

Mitchell Palacio
President, USJF

Hayward Nishioka – 9th Dan

2023 USJF National Conference

Boise, Idaho