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Mini-lessons are short, focused lessons that last no longer than 60 seconds. Mini-lessons focus on essentials and are delivered in a way that is clear and concise. We have assemble lessons from the Kodokan and IJF Academy.

New Courses

National Teacher Certification: LMS

For nearly 70 years, the USJF National Teachers Institute has been designing and delivering professional instructional courses for the judo community nationwide.

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National Teacher Re-Certification: LMS

The purpose of certification renewal is to provide a means for expanding knowledge and reinforcing skills through participation in professional development activities.

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Contest Rules with Referee Education: LMS

The USJF Contest Rules and Referee Education is presented in five modules, increasing in detail and complexity.  At the conclusion of the five modules, you will formulate a solid foundation of the contest rules.

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Nage no Kata: LMS

Nage-no-Kata “forms of throwing” is one of the two randori-no-kata, free practice forms of  Kodokan Judo. It is intended as an illustration of the various concepts  of nage-waza (throwing techniques) that exist in judo, and is used both as a training method and as a demonstration of understanding.

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National Teacher Certification

United States Judo Federation Teachers Institute has been designing and delivering professional instructional courses for the judo community for over 70 years.

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National Coach and Elite Coach Certification

National Coach and Elite Coach Certification certificated program is focused on developing the coach effectiveness from the grassroots instructor up through to the Olympic/World level coach.

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Nage-no-Kata Certification

Nage-no-Kata Certification course identifies the five classifications of Judo throws.  At the conclusion of the course you will able to distinguish and formulate the key elements in Te-waza (hand techniques), Koshi-waza (hip techniques), Ashi-waza (foot techniques), Ma-sutemi-waza (rear sacrifice techniques) and Yoko-sutemi-waza (side sacrifice techniques)

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