Yoko-sutemi-waza (Side Sacrifice Techniques)

Uki-waza (Floating Technique)

Tori and Uke step forward each other to a distance of about 90cm (Photo 1).

Movement 1: While stepping forward with his right foot, Uke attempts to grasp Tori in Migi-jigo-tai . Tori seizes this opportunity and grasps Uke in Migi-jigo-tai while stepping forward with his right foot (Photo 2). Tori takes one wide stride backward with his right foot while lifting Uke slightly upward with his right hand. Responding to Tori , Uke moves his left foot forward (Photo 3).

Movement 2: Responding to Uke ’s trial to recover the balance, Tori attempts to lift Uke slightly upward using both of his hands effectively. Responding to Tori , Uke moves his right foot diagonally forward to his right so as to try to protect his stability (Photo 4).

Movement 3: During this sequence, Tori stretches his left leg slightly while breaking Uke ’s balance to the right front corner using both of his hands effectively (Photo 5) and throws Uke toward his left shoulder by moving his left leg diagonally to his left behind him and throwing his own body onto the left side (Photos 6- ①② , 7, 8, 9, 10).

Tori rises to stand on the right side toward Shomen and Uke stand on the left side toward shomen facing Tori in the proper distance. Then, both Tori and Uke grasp in Hidari-jigo-tai to perform right “Uki-waza ” in the same manner as before.

Kodokan Nage-no-Kata Textbook