Yoko-sutemi-waza (Side Sacrifice Techniques)

Yoko-guruma (Side wheel)

Tori and Uke step forward each other to a distance of about 1.8m (Photo 1).

Movement 1: Uke raises his right fist overhead while taking one step forward with his left foot (Photo 2), then takes again one step forward with his right foot and attempts to strike Tori ’s Tento with his right fist (Uzumaki) from right front of Tori (Photo 3).

Movement 2: Tori seizes this opportunity and attempts to throw Uke with Ura-nage (Photos 4- ①② ).

Movement 3: During this sequence, Uke suddenly bends his upper body forward to try to avoid the throw (Photo 5- ①② ). Tori seizes the opportunity of Uke ’s defensive posture, breaks Uke’s balance straight forward with his left hand and slides his right foot, as drawing an arc, deeply between Uke’s legs (Photo 6). Tori throws Uke toward his left shoulder by throwing his own body onto the left side and pushing up slightly with his right hand (Photos 7,8, 9).

Tori rises to stand on the right side toward Shomen . Uke stands on the left side toward Shomen facing Tori , and attempts to strike Tori with his left fist in the same manner as before when he steps forward and comes in the proper distance. Tori performs right “Yoko-guruma ”.


Kodokan Nage-no-Kata Textbook