Contest Bowing Procedures

Contestant Rei

Contestants should bow into the competition area (recommended but NOT required) and enter it (left foot first) up to either the blue/white marks if still in use or up to a mutual distance of about 2 meters (approximately one full mat length).

Without any Referee action contestants must then bow to each other (required, NOT optional) and should (not required) take just one step forward (first left, then right) to signal they are ready to fight.  A casual nod is NOT a bow, and referees may require contestants to bow properly to each other.

Note: If the Referee wants to prevent contestants from entering the competition area at all, the accepted signal is for the Referee to step right into the middle of the mat (for example if the Referee needs to wait for some change at the scoretable).  Contestants should know this means Referee does not want contestants to present themselves.