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National Teacher

Re – Certification

Welcome to the USJF Education Portal

National Teacher Re-Certification

The purpose of certification renewal is to provide a means for expanding knowledge and reinforcing skills through participation in professional development activities.

The requirements for recertification support the USJF vision and mission commitment to enhance the continued competence of the individual and validate, through certification a specialized body of knowledge.

Vision: Building strong wellness communities by empowering members to make known the Judo maxim, Jita-kyoei (spirit of mutual prosperity for self and others), through safe and positive experiences.

Mission: Promote and support Judo as a physical, mental, and moral practice.

Your classification changes from National Teacher to Master Teacher upon successful completion of the Course.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to;

  1. Summarize Judo history and philosophy
  2. Recognize and illustrate attributes of an assistant instructor
  3. Define and illustrate elements in Instruction (Pedagogy)
  4. Recognize and demonstrate techniques in Tachi-waza, Osae-waza, Shime-waza, Kansetsu-waza and transitions from Tachi waza into Ne waza


    • Module 1: Welcome to National Teacher Re-Certification
    • Module 2: USJF Jr. Rank Requirements and Teaching Judo to Children
    • Module 3: Additional Course Requirements to Complete the Certification
    • Module 4: Judo Philosophy
    • Module 5: Tools for Instruction and Lesson Planning
    • Module 6: Assistant Teachers
    • Module 7: Construct and Prepare to share a one or Minute Instructional Video on Tachi-waza, Osae-waza, Shime-waza, Kansetsu-waza, Turnovers and Tachi-waza to Ne-waza transitions.  Your personal USJF Master Instructor will review the video with you.