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National Teacher Re-Certification

Taking a teacher re-certification in judo serves several purposes, aligning with the broader goals of ensuring quality instruction, safety, and the proper transmission of skills.

Expertise and Competence: USJF Teacher re-certification ensures that individuals have a comprehensive understanding of the principles, techniques, and philosophies of judo. Our re-certification program covers both practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Ethics and Values: The USJF places a strong emphasis on respect, discipline, and ethical conduct. Teacher re-certification includes components that focuses on instilling these values in students, teaching them not just the physical aspects of judo but also its philosophical foundations.

Continuous Improvement: USJF Teacher Re-Certification is not just a one-time achievement but often involves ongoing professional development. We encourage instructors to stay updated on new developments in judo, teaching methodologies, and safety standards.

Your classification changes from National Teacher to Master Teacher upon successful completion of the Course.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to;

  1. Summarize Judo history and philosophy
  2. Recognize and illustrate attributes of an assistant instructor
  3. Define and illustrate elements in Instruction (Pedagogy)
  4. Recognize and demonstrate techniques in Tachi-waza, Osae-waza, Shime-waza, Kansetsu-waza and transitions from Tachi waza into Ne waza

USJF National Teacher Re-Certification Course

Module 1: Judo Philosophy

Module 2: Tools for Instruction and Lesson Planning

Module 3: Assistant Teachers

Module 4: Construct and Prepare to share a one or Minute Instructional Video on Tachi-waza, Osae-waza, Shime-waza, Kansetsu-waza, Turnovers and Tachi-waza to Ne-waza transitions.  Your personal USJF Master Instructor will review the video with you.