Penalties - Hansoku Make
Module 5: Nage Waza
Penalties - Shido
Penalties - Hansoku Make
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M4- Summary

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Summary – Module 3

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Module 3 expanded on judo rules, providing additional examples of Ippon, Wazari, non-scoring throws, landings, and less common penalties with their corresponding gestures. By the end of the module, participants were expected to have differentiated marginal landing examples for scoring (Ippon and Wazari), distinguished between score and no-score landings, examined and recognized penalties for lack of combativity, and identified illegal moves in kumi-kata.

The Scoring section of Module 3 focused on Nage waza, presenting examples of Ippon or Wazari with marginal landing situations and illustrating the distinction between score and no-score landings through continuation examples.

In the Penalties section, Module 3 covered the Shido, a slight penalty, and Shido for an illegal move, providing a comprehensive understanding of these aspects of judo officiating.