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National Teacher Certification

The USJF Teacher Certification course encompasses a diverse array of subjects, merging theoretical understanding with hands-on teaching proficiency. Its objective is to cultivate versatile and skilled Judo instructors capable of adeptly conveying both the physical techniques and ethical principles of Judo to their students.

National Teacher Certification program consist of 6 Modules;

  • Module 1; Provides insight into Judo history and philosophy
  • Module 2; Introduces risk management.  How to protect yourself and the dojo from litigation.
  • Module 3; Guidelines for classroom management and assistant teacher utilization.
  • Module 4; Examines the Champions of Character program which is designed to instill an understanding of character values in Judo and provide the opportunity to identify, model and reinforce these exemplary character traits.
  • Module 5; Instructional tools play a crucial role in shaping what and how an instructor teaches, influenced by your past experiences and the dedication you invest in refining your skills, and naturally, various teaching methodologies.
  • Module 6; Prepare to share with your Master Instructor your 30 to 60 second Instructional Video on Ukemi, Tachi-waza, Osae-waza, Shime-waza and Kansetsu-waza techniques.

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