Teaching Videos

The Kodokan and IJF developed short 60 second teaching videos.


The Gokyo no Waza (five sets of techniques) is the standard syllabus of Judo throwing techniques originated in 1895 at the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan

Shime waza

The basis for all chokes/strangles is to attempt to render the opponent unconscious.

Osae waza

“Osae komi waza” (Hold-down techniques) is one of Katame-waza (grappling techniques) and consists of covering the opponent with your body, etc., to prevent them from escaping.

Kansetsu waza

“Kansetsu waza” (Joint locks) consist of using one’s own legs, arms, and knees, etc., to grasp the opponent’s joint (elbow, knee, etc.), and bend it in the reverse direction to lock the joint.