National Coach Certification

USJF National Coach Certification

National Teachers Institute

The USJF has approved this National certificated program as a means to develop the coaching effectiveness of the grassroots instructor up through to the Olympic/World level coach.

You are not only trying to be an important partner to improving the competitive performance of your athlete, but you should also be aware of the greater reasons for developing your athlete, that of helping them to become a better individual and to meet the challenges of our greater society.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to;

    1. Summarize what is USJF coaching
    2. Explain your coaching philosophy
    3. Demonstrate elements of positive coaching.
    4. Illustrate principles of resistance training and physical conditioning
    5. Describe important elements when communicating with your athlete.
    6. Restate Risk Management strategies

National Coach Certification Course

National Coach Certification
  • Module 1: Welcome to USJF Coach Certification,  a general introduction as to the purpose of Coach Certification and What is “USJF Coaching”
Module 2 - Additional Course Requirements
  • Module 2: Additional Course Requirements to Complete the Certification Process  a reminder to complete your background check, concussion training and Safesport certificates.
Module 3: Philosophy of Coaching
  • Module 3: Developing a Coaching Philosophy and Positive Coaching
Module 4: Growth and Development

Module 4: Growth and Development, Principles of Resistance Training,  Priniciples of Physical Conditioning

Module 5: Communication

 Module 6: Communication, Communicating with your Athlete

Module 6: Risk Management
  • Module 6:Introduces risk management.  How to protect yourself  from Negilence litigation.