Master Teacher Lesson: Tachi waza

Lesson Objective: Teaching Tachi-waza

Demonstration: Demonstrate the specific technique and state the key elements and its value.

When demonstrating a technique:

    1. Executed in a perfect manner
    2. Demonstrate technique from many different angles.
    3. Emphasize the key elements of the technique
    4. Ask students if there are any questions
    5. Restate the objective and its value (e.g. “The objective is to be able to execute O-goshi, so that you can complete the throw correctly.”)

    When your students are at two or three different levels of ability, you may want to establish two or three instructional groups.

    • This can be accomplished using the following three divisions:
      • – Early learning – Focus on learning the key elements of the skill in a controlled situation
      • – Intermediate Learning – Focus on coordination of all key elements in common situations
      • – Later Learning – Automatic use of the skill in contest-like conditions.
    • Individuals learn most effectively by focusing their practice attempts on ONE clearly understood element of skilled performance.
  • Assignment: Construct and Upload a 2 Minute (maximum for each video) Instructional video on teaching Tachi-waza for all the techniques listed below.  Include the key points of the technique.

  • – Koshi guruma
  • – Hiza guruma
  • – Harai goshi
  • – Tai otoshi
  • – O soto gari
  • – Ko soto gari

You can upload your video to our Google Drive; Here

  • Example: Use your younger assistants to help in filming the video. (Video Format: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI)