Welcome to USJF Coach Certification

Welcome to the USJF Coach Certification Program


On behalf of the United States Judo Federation, I would like to congratulate you on your participation in the United States Judo Federation Judo National Coach Certification program.  The USJF has approved this National certificated program as a means to develop the coaching effectiveness of the grassroots instructor up through to the Olympic/World level coach.

The new 2nd edition of “Training for Competition, Judo Coaching Strategy and the Science for Success” expands with revised chapters that will give you insight into USJF coaching practices, methods of communication with your athletes, tools for coaching and risk management. This initial USJF National Coach certification Level I is by no means the totality of coaching, it’s just the start.

This coaches manual was made possible by the many dedicated sensei’s and the lessons that have been floating in the judo environment from the time judo was brought to America and passed on through the many generations that followed.

Dr. Tsutsui

Dr. Larry Tsutsui, USJF Coach Education: Chairperson